MartyrFaction and Realm transfers are 25% off this week.....FUCK YOU BLIZZARD!
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ayewascolo   lulz
ayewascolo   added 30 Advanced days to Life Sentence
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Martyr   <3
MartyrProof I didn't fall asleep and ditch you guys Tuesday.m.[link]
Mordronus   404 Page Not Found error, Jelly lies!!
Also, no, site is not mobile friendly.
Martyr   fuck life! But it said that the AT&T fibers were cut and interrupted Mediacom services too.
ayewascolo   you bailed...admit it....:sick:
korlachPatch 6.0 confirmed for 10/14/14! Be online and ready to raid!
ayewascolo   Hooray!
Martyr   yay hookers!....I mean patch! Anyway I can't even do anything like resub till Wednesday anyway :/
Sprynkle   No that would be Patch 6.9 Walking The Streets if that was the case :sick:
korlachDon't mind me fuckin with the website lol
Martyr   I'm not seeing what you broke Kor.
korlach   No i kept fuckin with it and fixed it
Martyr   Nice, its not too bad to play around with, worst care scenario, theres a log thing to note what you've done recently.
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