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BrewgogglesHeroes of the Storm alpha invite woot woot!
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Brewgoggles   anyone else get one?
Mordronus   Nope, thus why I hate you.
ayewascolo   added 90 Advanced days to Life Sentence
SprynkleSwim through the waves of Alpha data mining
VenusaurAshes of A'lar on BMAH for all you big spenders, currently at ~30k
Brewgoggles   meh, too easy to farm, although im too lazy to farm it lol
Hoshiko   added 30 Advanced days to Life Sentence
BrewgogglesSiege of Orgrimmar - Normal and Heroic Cross-Realm Raids Enabled
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Brewgoggles   added 30 Advanced days to Life Sentence
SprynkleYay NDA is lifted on TESO...if anyone cares besides me lol :)
SprynkleSome more minor nerfs coming for SoO next week it seems.
Mizzick   joined Life Sentence
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