BrewgogglesWorking on website updates for Warlords of Draenor :)
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Mordronus   Can we do a different color text, please? I assume this is green and it hurts my eyes to read.
Mordronus   The background and shit looks great though.
Brewgoggles   Yup, I'll work on it more when I get off work tomorrow. Had stuff to do today, now it's time for bed :d
Brewgoggles   added 30 Advanced days to Life Sentence
Dystruktaur   created a new thread Dystruktaur / shun - Tank MS / Melee DPS OS in the Applications here! forum
BrewgogglesHow are you guys enjoying your time off? :)
Brewgoggles   Whoa, doesn't mean people don't stop on by and see whats up yo.
ayewascolo   Jelly, you should come play HOTS with us sometime!
Brewgoggles   Maybe sometime, I've been pretty tired and been working a lot. Plus Marvel Heroes keeps me pretty busy as of late :)
Scorrn   created a new thread Artørias-Aggramar: Destro/Affliction Warlock in the Applications here! forum
deathstoneSo since I am going to come back with the expansion....what should I come back as. Going to rest the warlock for a good while even though it has been a year since I played last. Any suggestions guys in gals?
Dystruktaur   When is Warlords supposed to drop? I'll need to dust my mouse and gamepad off in advance lol.
Brewgoggles   No release date yet.
deathstone   I was thinking about a druid Jelly.... a hunter would be fun though since I am used to pet classes.
korlachRaiding is over for MOP until 6.0. Flex SoO acheivement run on 06/17 for those interested. Normal raid time.
SprynkleHeroes of the Storm Alpha!!!! *happy dance around*
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Brewgoggles   So many people I know with it now
Mordronus   Mee too!! About damn time.
Brewgoggles   Should play with us sometime
BrewgogglesBlizzCon 2014!
Sprynkle   Did you get tickets Jelly??
Brewgoggles   With the help of Phage and Lisa I did. Now to find cheap airfare!
Sprynkle   Go go Jelly!!!
BrewgogglesHeroic Nazgrim hath been slain! In memory of Shadow's cousin Russell!
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Sprynkle   Good job guys!!!
Venusaur   Gratz guys!
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