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MartyrLightwake! I saw this in the PTR notes, now you can be useful! :sick:

Devotion Aura now reduces all damage taken, not just magical damage.
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ayewascolo   wooo hooooooooo about time they fixed that!
Martyr6.2 prr patch notes are up! It looks really exciting!
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Lucrycia   Most of it yes....but trying to not go into the fetal position over here for sweeping lock nerfs (more so the idea of why would you do flat 25% across every ability :( )
Martyr   I'm not paying attention to the class changes because they are gonna do a lot of changes. I am excited for some of the bosses and such. Looking at the tier models, I feel like I we are getting trolled. The weapons for next tier look pretty sweet though!
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korlachBe ready to kill Blackhand on Tuesday!
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Martyr   Why we gotta kill BLACKhand? Why not kill WHITEhand?
ayewascolo   cuz once we rake his pain in the ass through his own damn fire..He is all gonna be charred-black!!!
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