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BuffieCalling it now, 7.0 (Legion prepatch) drops July 19th
Lucrycia   *bet
Buffie   Leaky source now agrees with Lys & says it's been moved up. I'm skeptical because we don't have any end of season announcements, but he called many very specific Legion features in advance, so anything's possible.
Buffie   Update again, first guess was correct! 12th leak could have been to find the leak, in which case RIP my source
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korlachanyone wanna pre buy me Legion for 125k gold?
Jellyshaman   Hmmmm
JellyshamanWoooooooooot, Legion Alpha/Beta!
ayewascolo   NO SPOILERS! I avoid this for reasonsssssss
Jellyshaman   I wont, don't worry
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ayewascolo   Wow, thank you Sanzo!!! Miss you and hope to see you back in game sometime!
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Jellyshaman   I kept trying to use my card and it wouldn't take. Used my card the next day to make sure my card worked, and it did. I don't get it. Thank you guys!
ayewascolo   You are most welcome Jelly! :)
Lucrycia   Don't feel bad Jelly, it didn't want to work for me either on Saturday. Don't know what was up with it. So thank you too Colo and Mord :)
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